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GIFCap: Matt Smith’s on Fire

What if you only had animated GIF’s to describe the match action?

Fulham v Newcastle United - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

As the game kicks off the atmosphere is electric inside Craven Cottage.

Within in the first 5 minutes Ayite gets tripped.

Ayite takes the free kick but Newcastle keeper collects.

Newcastle's Ayoze is not happy as he scuffs his free kick.

12 minutes in and Aluko skips past the opposition.

Shouts for a penalty as Aluko goes down in the box.

The fans are not happy as the referee waves play on.

Just before the break for half time, Matt Smith rises to header Fulham in front.

The Cottage erupts just before half time.

Second half begins with Ayite using his blistering pace before being fouled.

Again the ref is having none of it and the fans get more agitated.

Appeals for a Magpies penalty as Tunnicliffe handles in the area.

Another penalty appeal turned away as Aluko gets pushed in the box.

Dummett crunches Odoi and sees the Belgian fly in the air.

Anything Cristiano Ronaldo can do Denis Odoi can do better! Odoi uses his back to knock the ball around Dummett.

The clock strikes 90 but the fans hold their breath when the 4th official shows 4 additional minutes.

Scenes at full time as Fulham see of the title favourites.