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Quick Thoughts: Bristol City


Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Well, we crash out of the cup after a 2-1 loss at home to Bristol City.

We started the game very well, controlling play and were rewarded with a fine Lucas Piazon goal.

After that we seemed to let our foot of the gas and Bristol punished us by equalising through Wilbraham. Bristol were probably lucky to go into the break level but after that the tides turned.

After the Break Fulham came out with vigor and Woodrow won us a penalty! Then he screwed it up. That took all of the momentum out of us and Bristol never looked back.

Tammy Abraham tapped in the winner after Bristol had missed two golden opportunities and Fulham were not looking to punish them.

All in all, let's not read too much into this. We started our third string goalie, who had a great game overall, and Johansen looked fabulous. Piazon and LVC have promise and Madl looked studious. Everything that people actually cared about went well during the game.

As for people losing faith in Slav, shut up. He played a weak side against a weak side, Bristol made 9 changes, and we almost won. Bristol wanted to win, Slav didn't want any injuries.

Cauley Woodrow was embarrassing, aside from his assist. With how he is playing, see if you can get a fee in the summer and sell him off. He is not a good striker and isn't getting any better.