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Nottingham Forest vs Fulham Preview: Three questions with Forest 24-7

Both teams are in need of a result to turn around a run of bad form. It sounds like a cliche, but which squad will want it more?

Nottingham Forest v Norwich City - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Fulham could use a result to placate the fans who are close to turning on the team. Nottingham Forest could use a win for similar reasons. We sit down with Forest 24-7 to see which side is more likely to do so.

Cottagers Confidential: Fulham and Forest both enter this game struggling a bit. Both teams are winless in their last 5. Which side do you think has a better chance of turning things around in this fixture?

Forest 24-7: It’s hard to say with us at the moment what to expect. My heart says this should be a win. Maybe even the first clean sheet of the season. My head tells me we are a basket case of a club at the moment, and that I have no idea what to expect. If I have to choose one I say us, because Norwich aside, at home we have looked better.

CC: What were your expectations for Forest's season going into this year? Have you revised them yet?

F247: As above, at the start of this season i didn't know what to think. With the takeover that was supposedly happening it was eagerness to get that done and see how we could get over the Fawaz ownership. I didn't expect a great deal on the pitch as we knew with FFP rules we couldn't invest a lot in new players. I think I thought we'd finish lower mid table, and I haven't changed my mind now, though if you asked a month ago I'd have thought a potential outside chance of a playoff bid. That was till we sold Burke.

CC: Which players from your side should Fulham be watching as they meet?

F247: Pereira is a hell of an exciting player. Fearless and with good technical skills his decision making is something that needs to be developed. I feel Bendtner is going to turn it on against somebody. Carayol looked great against Wednesday. Fulham fans should be watching Matt Mills too if he plays, because thats where your goals will come from. Positionally he is awful, loses his man constantly. Exploit Mills, and you get goals.