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Transfer Window Aftermath: The state of Fulham’s depth

Fulham brought in 14 new players, and are basically a new club after the transfer window. It’s time to explore the depth of the squad.

I don’t think many people would argue that this was the most productive transfer window Fulham have ever had. Even if you do want to argue that it isn’t, it has to be one of the busiest. There are 14 new players on the squad. Considering most teams have 15 or 16 players that get the majority of minutes, Fulham will be almost an entirely new team this season.

Slavisa seems pretty set on using a 4-2-3-1. That’s how the team has lined up every game, and the players brought in fit that formation perfectly. It requires three attacking midfielders on the pitch at all times, and now Fulham have quite a few of them. The biggest struggle might be figuring out which of them start.

There are still a few other questions about the depth as well. David Button has been the number one so far, but is that because Bettinelli was hurt? After recovering from injury and getting the international break to gel with the team, could he be back between the sticks? With Ryan Fredericks injured, who is the first choice at right back? Denis Odoi has played admirably there. Tomas Kalas had a lot of success there at Middlesbrough last season. Kalas is probably better in the middle, and now that Ragnar Sigurdsson is here, it might push Kalas wide. Though Slavisa might also just rotate the three of them in the middle. The prefered central midfield pairing seemed to be McDonald and Parker. Though now that Stefan Johansen is here, can he take Scott’s job? Or is he cover for both of those players? Will Slavisa try Lasse Vigen Christensen or Jozabed in that role as well?

We’ve done our best to make guesses about all of those questions. We may not be right, but I don’t think we’re too wrong either. We’ve also tried to decide which players are “promotion quality”. The idea is that those players are ones that would be starters on a team going for promotion. A team going up doesn’t need an entire squad of those players, but the more you have the better.

What do you think? Do you agree with our depth chart? Do you think Fulham still have holes to fill? Leave a comment and let us know.