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Fulham vs Wolverhampton Preview: Three questions with Wolves Blog

Fulham had a setback against Blackburn. They need all the points here, does Wolves Blog think we’ll get them?

Liverpool v Wolverhampton Wanderers - The Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Cottagers Confidential: Wolverhampton are four points clear of the relegation spots, how confident are you that you'll stay up?

Wolves Blog: More confident after that midweek win against Brentford. I think we've got better players than at least eight or nine teams in the league, so will be distraught if we end up in the bottom three. We haven't been in there all season despite many bad performances, so no reason we should fall back now.

CC: Your goal differential (-4) should put you squarely in the mid table, and the advanced stats agree. Have you just been unlucky this year? What is the main reason you are in the position that you are?

WB: I do think we've been a bit unfortunate at times. We've been in most of the games and lost out by the odd goal. Mid table is probably where we should be. But if you don't take chances and concede soft goals, this is what happens. We've been our own worst enemies at times. This group of players has the potential to do a lot more, as demonstrated by FA Cup wins away at Stoke and Liverpool.

CC: What's the best way to attack this Wolves side?

WB: Fulham didn't look like they needed many tips after scoring 4 at Molineux in December. They passed us off the park for much of that game. I think your possession game is as good a method as any. We do switch off, so if you're constantly probing it's likely you'll find a way through. We need to stop you doing that.

CC: If you could predict a scoreline and lineup that would be great.

WB: Predicted lineup for Wolves (451)





I'll go for 2-2.