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New Fulham works from Art of Football

Fulham often get left out when people make cool football art. This time they weren’t.

I love showing off my love of Fulham. I have Fulham pins on my laptop bag. I have a piece of Dempsey art and Fulham scarves on my desk at work. My golf bag has Fulham head covers on the clubs. I own a Fulhamerica shirt. All that means that this new art from Art of Football is right in my wheelhouse.

The new Fulham collection has one of the most iconic images in Fulham’s history, Dempsey’s chip against Juventus.

The big decision on my part is do I want a shirt, or a print?

The second piece is equally as cool, even though it lakes the nostalgia of the Dempsey Chip only because I’m not old enough to remember George Cohen at all. There’s no doubt however that Cohen was one of the best and most important players to ever suit up for the club. How many other Fulham players can say they have a World Cup Winner’s Medal?

In case you’re wondering, we aren’t being compensated at all for highlighting these things. We just think they’re really cool. If I see anyone wearing one of these shirts in the wild, be prepared for me to come up to you and start a conversation about Fulham.