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Why the Ryan Sessegnon Signing is So Much More than a Larger a Transfer Fee

For some the signing is just a cash bonus, here is why it is so much more than that.

Fulham FC

Ryan Sessegnon signed his first professional contract today, and every fan of Fulham was overjoyed. Some simply believe we will now command a larger fee for his services, but there is so much more to this deal. I have assembled three points to prove it to you.

Reading v Fulham - Sky Bet Championship Play Off: Second Leg Photo by Harry Trump/Getty Images
  1. It shows a statement of intent to possible signees: Talk is great and all but for players Fulham want to sign, they want to see intent from the club. Signing a youngster linked to champions league clubs is about as ambitious as a championship club can be. Players like Diego Rolan will see the signing of Sessegnon as a symbol that Fulham really are pushing all in for promotion. It will be easier to attract players who may have opportunities elsewhere, to see Fulham as a place where something truly special is happening.
  2. It almost certainly guarantees multiple more years of Ryan: Ryan signed a three year contract with us so we know worst case scenario in terms of purely playtime we get one. But by signing for three years, Fulham could use a second in the Premier League if we felt so inclined, and we could perhaps convice Sess to further extend his contract. Yes, the contract length raised the expected fee substantially, but Fulham also have the ability to utilize Ryan’s talents for a couple more years.
  3. It shows a dedication to the club by youth prospects: When Moussa Dembele left, Fulham fans were deservedly concerned. Albeit that Dembele left under different circumstances, the fear of loosing him for little was great. The Sessegnon brother have made it clear that some players are still loyal. Both have snubbed Premier League interest In order to remain with Fulham, so that should leave fans excited that other youthe prospects may do the same.

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