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Scouting Reports: Aboubakar Kamara

The Scouting Report on Fulham's new big money striker.

Fulham FC

As all of you Fulham fans know, Fulham have ended their nearly three year drought of permanently signing a striker by signing Aboubakara Kamara on a four year deal, with an option for a fifth. In hindsight, the drought should not be focused on as much by fans as some are, Chris Martin's deal, when he signed, was probably expected by all parties to turn permanent this June; however, that obviously did not come to fruition. In the previous window, we had McCormack, Smith, and Dembele, so focus on transfers was on other areas of the pitch. It only became a problem in the January window this year, in which we only signed Cyriac, who, for all his efforts, was never given a decent run in the squad so Fulham were never going to pick up his option. Thankfully, Fulham have revisited one of the most promising targets of that window, behind only Sergi Enrich, Aboubakar Kamara, and have brought him in on a long, permanent deal.

Fulham FC

Name: Aboubakar Kamara

Club: Amiens

Appearances: 29

Goals: 11

Assists: 2 Value: 1 million Euros

Rumored Fee: 4-6 million Euros depending on add-ons

Aboubakar Kamara has been a target for Fulham ever since last season's winter transfer window. He has finally been brought to the club, and was signed for a fairly large fee, a rumored four to six million Euros depending on add-ons, and who's sources you believe. Kamara has a decent track record in Ligue 2, and had been key to Amien's promotion from Ligue 2. One could draw a parallel to Jonathan Kodija's move to Bristol City a couple years ago. Kamara wasn't as much of a standout as Kodija in Ligue 2, but he definitely has a very promising makeup. He is 5'10", and is built like a linebacker. He adds a dimension to the striker spot that we haven't had since Moussa Dembele left the club. He has a lot of pace, and should look to get behind the defense and be physical with the center halves. He seems to be a hard worker, and with his build, looks like he can last the full 90 minutes. Fulham relies on the midfield to score many goals, and Kamara should be the perfect player to chase down the goalkeeper, and try to create space for the midfield to move into. He is a good finisher, and seems to have a nice right foot. Kamara has started training with the first team immediately, and seems to be set to play a role against Norwich. Whether or not he starts remains to be seen. I don't believe Kamara is the end of the buisness for strikers, I expect to see another big ticket striker who adds a different dimension to the team. Overall, I fully expect Kamara to perform for Fulham, and with another quality striker who adds another dimension to the team, we could have a top tier strike force on our hands.

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