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UPDATED: Fulham were featured on NBC Sports’ “Promoted” Series

The club was PROMOTED on American Television

Fulham v Exeter City - Carabao Cup Second Round Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images

This past Sunday, Fulham was on American Television through NBC Sports’ “Promoted” series: a 30-minute documentary that gives an in-depth insight of each Premier League club that was promoted from last season. Fulham were the first of the three clubs to be featured for the series as the television network has been doing the feature for, at least, the past four seasons.

The show was hosted by Men in Blazers’ Roger Bennett and contains interviews with Fulham superfan Tony Fisher, Football.London’s Ryan O’Donovan, owner Shahid Kahn, and Fulham players Ryan Sessegnon and Tim Ream to get the best insights possible of the club. While it is quite difficult to package the entire history of Fulham, the emotions of such a glorious day at Wembley in the playoff final and the current buzz surrounding SW6, it was brilliant to see our beloved club portrayed in such a way across the globe. The Fulham club website have released the video to watch at anytime for free, no matter what substription you have. If you are living in the United States, you can also watch a replay of the show on the NBC Sports website or mobile app. Please take a look at it if you haven’t had the chance to watch it last weekend.

UPDATE (Sep. 21st, 2018): For those looking for good snippets of the episode, here are a couple of goodies for you.

First, here’s a clip of Slav guaranteeing Shahid Khan promotion...

followed by Khan talking about his trials and tribulations of his time as Fulham’s owner.