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Cottage Talk Exclusive Interview With Fulham Legends Gordon Davies And Robert Wilson Together

This is an exclusive and extensive interview with Fulham legends Gordon Davies and Rob Wilson together. The show is supersized as it is almost 90 minutes long, but it will be worth your time to listen to every minute of this show.

Part One focused on both Gordon’s and Rob’s time at Fulham. You will hear their history with the club directly from them.

Part Two focused on their thoughts on the new Fulham season. Listen to their views on what they think Fulham still need in the transfer window, along with their thoughts on Mitro and Ryan Sessegnon.

Part Three were topics given to both men by Cottage Talk co-host Yannis Tjanetis, as he asked them to talk about the 1982-1983 team, and also their thoughts on Malcom Macdonald.

This is a can’t miss epsiode of Cottage Talk, and we are looking forward to you listening to it!

Finally, you can also listen to this show on Friends Of Fulham.