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Cottage Talk Special Episode: The Tony Gale Interview

Take a listen to a podcast that focuses on Fulham Football Club.

Soccer - Charity All Star Match - Fulham v Sealand - Craven Cottage Photo by Nigel French - PA Images via Getty Images

In this episode, Russ interviewed former Fulham player Tony Gale. During the interview, Russ asked Tony about his time as a player, and also they had a discussion regarding his broadcast career. In the end of the interview, Russ asked Tony about his new book That’s Entertainment which was released today Septermber 1st. Please check it out. Lastly, this interview took place ten days ago, so the conversation about Fulham involves a discussion of events that took place in that time period.

“This Podcast has been created and uploaded by Russ Goldman, host and creator of Cottage Talk. The views in this Podcast are not necessarily the views of talkSPORT.”