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Fulham FC Analytics

Stories relating to statistics and analytics that might interest a Fulham supporter

Fulham’s historically bad penalty record

We’re now in a situation where the next two matches could come down to penalties. How should we feel given Fulham’s bad penalty record?

Reading’s Five Most Important Players

As a Fulham fan, how much of Reading’s team do you know. Get yourself prepared by checking out their five most important footballers on this year’s squad.

What do the stats say about Reading?

Since Fulham are now facing Reading in the Playoff Semifinals, it seemed like a good idea to take a closer look at them.

The Last Three Games: Projecting the Championship playoff race

Fulham did what they needed to do, but they didn’t get as much help as from others as they would have hoped for. What does this do to the state of the race?

The Five Last Games: Projecting the playoff race

Three games, six points. That’s not bad, but why does it seem like it isn’t enough?

Playoff places projection, 8 games left

One point out of the last two games made finishing in the top six less likely. What do Fulham still need to do?

Playoff places projection, 10 games left

Four points out of the last two games would have been close to ideal, even if the way Fulham did it was unexpected.

A Cottagers Contemplation: For football or analytics 

Is football a game of chance or numbers?

Playoff Places Projection

The race for the top six may come down to the wire. What needs to happen for Fulham to make it?

A new deal and loan move for Humphrys

Fulham's young forward has endured an eventful week, a new deal and a loan move suggests a promising future for the striker. 

Setting the Standard for Penalty Kick Futility

The rate at which Fulham is missing penalties is unprecedented and makes zero sense.

The Khan’s, the Jaguars, and stats: Lessons learned

Scott Cushnir, a Jaguars and Fulham fan reached out to us and wanted to talk about stats and his experience with the Khan’s in the NFL and how it all could relate to Fulham.

The Craven Corner: Fulham, Stats & Transfer Roundup

The Craven Corner returns to talk stata and transfers and the cloud surrounding the club.

Jokanovic is frustrated by the analytics

Slavisa feels that certain players he likes were ignored because the numbers didn’t agree. Do numbers matter more than scouts, or is the right answer a blend of both?

What do Tony Khan's statements about analytics mean for Fulham?

Tony Khan sat down for a long interview with Jonah Keri, what insights can we gain about Fulham's ideas about statistics?

Still probably not going to get relegated!


We're probably not going to be relegated!!!


Fulham In 2016: What should we expect?

With a talented squad, and a manager who seems to give us some true direction, it's perhaps a shame we can't scrap the previous 25 games and start a new season right now. But forgetting the fact that the play-offs are realistically out of sight and that our league season unfortunately won't go anywhere, we should look forward to an exciting calendar year.

The next four matches will decide Fulham's fate

Fulham haven't destroyed all hope of making the playoffs, but they've come close. After the next four games, Fulham will know whether they are playing out the string and just avoiding relegation, or actually can make a playoff push.

Does it matter if Kit Symons is sacked?

Kit Symons could be sacked. How much does the manager matter really anyway?

This stream has:

Rumour Round-Up: The Latest Fulham Transfer Gossip

Weekly Update: 10-17th May 2015

Rumour Round-Up: The Latest Fulham Transfer Gossip

Weekly Update: 10-17th May 2015

Warburton, Allardyce in for Fulham job?

The Daily Mail and Daily Star report Allardyce and Warburton as the leading men for the highly-critiqued Fulham role. Will it be Big Sam or Warburton who takes over as Fulham boss for the fast approaching 15/16 season?

PREVIEW: Fulham vs Charlton, Wigan, Rotherham

With just 6 games remaining and 1 relegation spot already confirmed, the Championship is finally coming to a close.

Fulham's Kit Symons' Departure Imminent?

Kit Symons last night was quoted saying that 'there will be changes in the summer' - But did he consider the possibility that one of the amendments could be his own farewell. 1 win in 13 and counting makes the odds of this increasingly likely...

PREVIEW: Fulham vs Leeds, Huddersfield, Brentford

We are into the last 10 matches of the season. Fulham are still yet to steady the ship and bleakness awaits in League One unless the squad can pull away from this relegation dogfight.

Who Scored analyzes what ails Fulham

Who Scored takes a deep dive into the stats behind Fulham this year. While the analysis is pretty spot on, there is one flaw I see.

Fulham's Fixture Outlook

As we approach the end of Fulham first Championship season, we countdown the matches from 18 - 3 matches at a time. Helping me predict the Whites' scores are: Tom (@DareToLVC) Tom and Emma (@emma_crook)

Is promotion still a realistic goal for Fulham?

Fulham are full of optimism since Kit Symons took over, but Magath dug a hole, managing 1 point in 7 matches. Is that too big of a hole? If you look at history, the answer is no. Fulham still have a shot, but will probably need to go through Wembley.

Fulham Fullbacks, A Season of Ineptitude

In summary. Bad. Awful. Think of the worst word you know. That's probably being generous.