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The Unending Stream of Rumors

It seems like it's been forever since Fulham last signed a player. They finally did so today with Foday Nabay, but he's only on the Academy squad. Everything with the first team remains in the realm of rumors.

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Valerio Pennicino

I can't say anything intelligent about the signing of Foday Nabay. It appears to be a good signing, and hopefully we'll see him on the senior team soon. I always have to temper my excitement when talking about youth players. It doesn't matter which sport I'm following, I'm always exuberant about the potential of youth players and then crushed when they don't meet it. I would like to think it will be different this time, but best not get too excited yet. It feels good to be on the stealing end of a robbery for once though.

As usual though, there are a ton of other rumors swirling around. Even though most of the other rumors still haven't been fulfilled, more get published every day. I expect now that the team is back in England and everyone has meet Khan, things might start actually falling into place. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

First up is speculation about Liam Ridgewell, a player most famous for a stupid picture. I have no idea where this is coming from, and I'm not sure what sense it makes. I understand why West Brom would want to be rid of him, but not why he'd be usefull at Fulham. Ridgewell doesn't seem like the kind of left back Jol would prefer. He's not the push forward and attack full back that Riether is on the right or that Richardson, Riise, and Briggs are on the left. If he was a right back, I could see it since Fulham is thin there; but the left side is pretty well set. He could be useful as a center back, but I don't even know if he'd be better than Senderos as the third center back. If they moved to a three center back formation, he'd fit in. But as things stand; I feel this is highly unlikely.

Next up are reports of Fulham going after Phil Bardsley. This makes slightly more sense as right back would is a much greater need than left back. Again, this is a player with issues at his current club. I also don't see it as likely. Bardsley isn't the attacking style fullback Jol likes and there is no way he beats out Riether. Why move from being a backup to a team where you will also be a backup?

The Daily Mail says that Fulham have bid £1.5M for Peter Odemwingie. Are we noticing a trend of disgruntled players being linked to Fulham yet? If I had to guess, all three of these rumors were created by agents and there isn't any truth to them. I wouldn't object to Odemwingie at that price, but I don't think it's likely.

In more rumors that just won't die, The Mirror links Fulham to both Darren Bent and Tom Huddlestone. These make a little more sense. Jol always likes players he's managed before and he always seems to re-target players he's made moves for in the past. I'm not sure about the move for Bent, the Villa fans I know can't wait to be rid of him; which doesn't excite me too much. He also makes a ton of money; and I don't know how you work Berbatov, Ruiz, and Bent into the lineup at the same time. You'd have to put Ruiz into the Dembele role, and I just don't think he's strong enough on the ball or defensively to do it. I've already said plenty about Huddlestone. But again I think it's a move that makes sense for both clubs, especially since Spurs keep signing midfielders.

The rumor with the most weight behind it seems to be for Mohammed Rabiu. Reportedly Evian TG have confirmed that they are talking with Fulham about the player. If Benefica are the other front runner, I should hope that Fulham would be in a better position to get him. With the economy in Portugal the way it is, and the Portuguese League being not much better than France; I don't think Fulham would lose out if they wanted him. I won't pretend to know anything about him as a player, but I do like that he's young and a central midfielder.

And finally, just to prove that once Jol goes after you he doesn't stop (or at least the rumors of him doing it don't stop), the club is being linked to Clement Chantome once again:

I'm skeptical this will happen, but this is exactly the kind of player I'd like Fulham to sign.

That sums up the current rumors, that I'm aware of. I'm sure thirty seconds after I post this, more will pop up though. I'm just about ready for all of this to be over. I can't wait until we have real games to talk about.