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New players coming in, and one going out?

I'd be sad to see Frei go, but all I can say about Sako, Enoh, Alexe, and Malanda is yes please!

Jamie McDonald

Kerim Frei

NTV Sport (in Turkish) is reporting Kerim Frei has a handshake agreement with Galatasaray to join the club after the U-20 World Cup. Since Turkey was just eliminated, this could come about at any time. The rumored fee is €2M (£1.7M). This is the rumor of a player leaving I have most believed all along. Left wing is one of the positions Fulham is deepest at, and Frei is going to struggle for playing time there. The only thing that makes me doubt the rumor slightly is the fee. I would have expected something in the £2.5-3M range for him.

Bakary Sako

The Independent, along with everyone else, is reporting that the deal for Sako is almost complete, with Wolves manager Kenny Jacket basically confirming as much. Our old friend Kristian Balkin has even written about how he'd fit in at Fulham. I have to admit that this is a rumor I like. I think he'd be a perfect replacement for Frei; and in a way, a much better fit on the team. He's a left winger like Frei, but he could be used inverted on the right as well. He basically scored once every four games for Wolves showing that he would have the ability to cut in from the right and shoot. Having someone like him would prevent the disaster that happened when Dejagh went down. He also could be used to back up Ruiz in the CAM/withdrawn striker role. His 11 assists last year prove that he's creative and wouldn't be out of place there. I could also see him playing up top with Hugo Rodallega and giving back lines fits with their pace.

Junior Malanda

Sky Sports is reporting that Fulham is in talks to transfer Junior Malanda. This could be true or it could be false. The reason to give it credence is that Fulham was pretty close to getting the move done in the winter window. That shows that he's a player that Jol likes and Jol tends to keep going after players he likes until he gets them (seeDerek Boateng). However, the same reasoning could be used to argue that the rumor is made up. Some journalist sees that he's left training and wants a move, remembers that Fulham wanted him before, and prints the story that Fulham is in on him again. Regardless of that, I think he'd be a pretty good signing. He's young, ambitious, and fits in where Fulham is weakest. I must admit that I've never seen him play however, and I'm not sure he's ready to step into the BPL. But he's Belgian, and I'm infatuated with the Belgian national team for some reason (I think it started with my man crush on Moussa Dembele), so I'd love to have him on the squad.

Marius Alexe

The Daily Mail published a story saying Fulham have submitted a bid to Dinamo Bucharest for the forward/winger. The Daily Mail is saying it was a bid of £1.5M, while Pro Sport in Romania are saying the team is holding out for €2M(£1.7M). Alexe seems to be a similar player to Sako (I can't say I've seen either play). They are both pacy players who can play the left wing. Though Alexe seems to be better suited to playing as a striker or withdrawn striker. If Fulham truly do rate him highly, and it's only a matter of £200K to bring him in, I think it's a no brainer. I could see a player like this getting time spelling Berbatov and Ruiz, plus playing out on the left in certain match ups. He's also young enough to be the heir apparent when Berbatov leaves.

Eyong Enoh

I'm not sure whether this is all agent talk or not, but Eyong Enoh is a player I like; so I'd like to think it's true. My Dutch isn't very good (it's actually nonexistent, but being able to read both German and English usually lets me make sense of it), so I'm having a hard time making heads or tales of the reports on twitter and on the web. What I've read implies that he'd like to stay at Fulham and that Ajax doesn't want him back. But Fulham are not willing to pay the full fee that Ajax wants. His agent claims there are other clubs interested, but he's an agent so he has to say that. I thought Enoh was one of the few bright spots at the end of last season, so I wouldn't mind him back at all.

Dirk Kuyt

This is the rumor I'd give the least credence to. I have a feeling that he only joined Fenerbahce for Champions League, and now that they've been banned, he wants out. His agent is probably going to leak interest from everywhere. Even though Martin Jol has brought in older players, he tends to only pay high transfer fees for players that are young. Other than Berbatov, most of his older signings have been brought in as free transfers. I don't see Kuyt being worth much of a fee at this point in his career. He also isn't a player Jol has managed before, which also seems to be something that links a lot of Jol targets. This is the one rumor I most hope is just that.